Codefresh is a Docker-native CI/CD platform.

Instantly build , test and deploy Docker images.

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Introduction to Codefresh pipelines

What are Codefresh pipelines?

Codefresh pipelines are container native and can be configured to automate a sequence of steps that can ends in a deployment to production, push of an image to a Docker registry and more.

Key Benefits

  • Every step in the pipeline is running inside a container.
  • Steps in the pipeline share the same volume, hence later steps can use artifacts from previous steps.
  • Steps can export environment variables that can be used in later steps in the pipeline.
  • Steps can be set to run on certain conditions (branch, value of environment variable etc..)
  • Steps can annotate the built Docker image with any attribute (test status, link to detailed test report etc...
  • There are out of the box steps to spin up a composition (multiple services at once), then run UI / Integration / Performance text, then shut down the composition. Learn more about Codefresh pipeline's steps

Pipeline configuration

To configure existing pipeline or add new pipeline, click on the cogwheel icon on the relevant repository.

You can have one or more pipeline for the same repository. click on the '+' to add a new pipeline

Editing pipeline steps and flow

There are two modes to define the pipeline workflow/steps.

You can switch between Yaml and the Built-in steps using the toggle in the pipeline's configuration view.

Pipeline Triggers and webhook

On the General settings of the pipeline, you can configure the trigger for the pipeline. You can at any time trigger a pipeline manually as well.
Here are the options to trigger pipeline execution

  • Manual from the Build button at the bottom of the pipeline or on the repository
  • Setting a webhook on any commit or pull request on all branches or on specific branches (using a regular expression)
  • From any other tool or command line by copying the webhook and calling it directly.
  • Using the Jenkins plug-in to invoke it from Jenkins

Introduction to Codefresh pipelines