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Install HELM chart using Codefresh pipeline


Make sure the you have the following before start deploying with HELM:

  • Kubernetes Cluster - Learn how to add Kubernetes cluster using our Kubernetes chapter
  • HELM Chart associated with your application

Install chart from HELM Repository

In order to install your chart using Codefresh pipeline, add our ready-to-use Helm deply step from our custom steps collection (click here to go to our custom steps collection).

Add the following step to you Codefresh YAML:

version: '1.0'



    image: codefresh/plugin-helm:2.7.2


Add the Mandatory variables to your pipeline Environment variables:

CHART_NAME - The name of your Helm chart 
RELEASE_NAME - Helm release name that you would like to use
KUBE_CONTEXT - The name Kubernetes context to use (cluster name from Codefresh-Kubernetes integration)

You can also set optional variables such as Namespace, Chart repository url (for repositories other that kubeapps) and more - see HELM deploy step description for full list.

Install chart from your application repository

You can install helm chart directly from your repository. In this case, use the relative path of your chart files as CHART_NAME.

See the following example of a pipeline that builds an image, pushes it to docker registry and deploys from HELM chart to Kubernetes cluster:

version: '1.0'
    title: Building Docker Image
    type: build
    image_name: jennyps/demochat
    working_directory: ./
    dockerfile: Dockerfile
    type: push
    title: push
    description: push to cfcr
    candidate: ${{BuildingDockerImage}}
    image_name: demochat
    registry: cfcr
    fail_fast: false
    image: codefresh/plugin-helm:2.7.2

Monitor your releases

You can access your installed Helm releases from the HELM Releases dashboard under Kubernetes entry on your Left pane menu.

Clicking on Release name will redirect you to filtered view of your release services.

Clicking on Release status, will expand Release history.

Install HELM chart using Codefresh pipeline